Professional Teaching Fellow
University of Auckland

Professional Teaching Fellow, teaching courses in digital system design, advanced embedded systems, distributed systems, and computer architecture, and also a PhD Student at The University of Auckland. I've submitted, and am now under examination! I am currently a PhD student at the University of Auckland, working in the space of security in heterogeneous multiprocessor systems. I have research interests in embedded systems, and computer architecture in general. I'm currently working on dealing with the trade-offs between performance, complexity, and security in the design of complex embedded systems on heterogeneous platforms. I also have interests in real-time issues (like time predictability). I'm also interested in the concept of hardware/software co-design, as well as modelling such systems for simulation. I also have a passion for teaching and learning, and have been fortunate to have been involved in undergraduate teaching activities, fronting labs, assisting with projects/assessment, and in the delivery of tutorials. I firmly believe in fostering independent thinking, and genuine interest in technology, and I've been trying to convince undergraduates to think "beyond the exam" and reduction of courses to simply a list of content to memorise. I've also been working to encourage students in looking at their learning in Part II as providing them the toolbox for effective communication of technical ideas.

None yet.