DAC 55 - 2018 Art Show

Click to preview of each artist's work below.

The Silicon Technology Art Show is located on the second floor lobby.  Join us on Monday, June 25 at 6:00pm for the Art Show judging.

NOTE: High quality images may load slowly and require zoom adjustment, depending on your device.

1. Linux Kernel by Robert Oshana

2. Transistor as a Key by Richardo Reis

3. Register Cells by Richardo Reis

4.1. FloTHERM Additive Design Heatsink Geometry Topology by Larry Toda - (Designed to be shown side by side)

4.2 FloTHERM Additive Design Heatsink Geometry Topology by Larry Toda - (Designed to be shown side by side)

5. FloTHERM Headsink Blender by Larry Toda

6. Edge Server Immersed with Intert Liquid Coolant by Larry Toda

7. Edge Server Secondary Cooling Loop by Larry Toda

8. FloTHERM Ball Grid Array (BGA) Thermal Analysis by Larry Toda

9. Hardware in EDA Software World: The Veloce Emulation System by Carole Dunn

10. PCB Drawing #25 by Tiberiu Chelcea

11. PCB Drawing #26 by Tiberiu Chelcea

12. PCB Drawing #27 by Tiberiu Chelcea

13. PCB Drawing #44 by Tiberiu Chelcea

14. PCB Drawing #52 by Tiberiu Chelcea

15. FloTHERM Heat Sink Blender by Larry Toda

16. FloTHERM BGA Thermal Analysis by Larry Toda

17. Edge Server Coolant Loop by Larry Toda

18. Isostope Data Center Server Simulation by Larry Toda

19. Fusion by Isabelle Geday

20. MicroLED by Sung Won Kong

21. Thin-Film-Transistor by Sung Won Kong

22. Detail of the Z8000 Register File by Ricardo Reis

23. Glass of Transistors by Ricardo Reis

24. Charge Transistor by Ricardo Reis

25. Detail of the M60000 Data Path by Ricardo Reis

26. Memory Rug by Ricardo Reis

27. Pass Transistors by Ricardo Reis

28. Align Squares by Ricardo Reis

29. Visualization of Routing Prediction by Eder Monteiro

30.1. Color Loft by Changmeng Li

30.2. Color Loft by Changmeng Li

30.3. Color Loft by Changmeng Li

30.4. Color Loft by Changmeng Li

31. Silicon Rug by Ricardo Reis

32. Colors of a DataPath by Ricardo Reis

33. Modern Lines from an Old Chip by Ricardo Reis

34. iMX8 mScale SoC by Richardo Reis