Company Overview
Arcadia Innovation is an EDA vendor dedicated to innovations and technologies in the physical implementation stage. Its flagship TimeHawk product series is a groundbreaking Static Timing Analysis (STA) and constraint solution.
TimeHawk products series is based on an advanced software system dedicated to improve the efficiency in tackling timing issues at all design stages. It is designed with next-generation software architectures, and has been matured with tens of man-year of R&D, as well as verified on numerous customer designs.
The series has three major products - TimeHawk STA, TimeHawk Constraints and TimeHawk Guide. TimeHawk STA is a standalone STA system, which shortens the ECO and signoff iteration by accurate and super-fast timing analysis engine. TimeHawk Constraints integrates various SDC technologies, especially the unique CTS and physical-aware analysis, to provide a one-stop SDC signoff solution. TimeHawk Guide is a set of APIs and commands for the purpose of interfacing timing engine for customizable purposes. Internal CAD teams or EDA partners can integrate TimeHawk core technologies through TimeHawk Guide for high performance design or other special usages.
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