The future mobility will be electrified, automated and connected. As a result, automotive systems are currently undergoing a radical shift in the way they are organized and designed on the software and hardware level, leading to a threefold heterogeneity:

1. Formerly separated function domains are integrated onto centralized computing platforms leading to a heterogeneous mix of applications with different models of computation

2. Hardware will be diverse and specialized to satisfy the tremendous increase of needed computing power

3. Collaborating parties for design and development will be more heterogeneous as compared to today

In this complex setup, design and simulation tools based on abstract models efficiently enable discussion and assessment across all development stages to achieve excellent HW/SW solutions. The tutorial is centered around AMALTHEA, the open source de-facto standard for performance modeling of automotive systems.

Bosch will highlight the current trends & challenges in automotive systems engineering that stem from the threefold heterogeneity, motivate the usage of system level design and simulation tools for increasing design efficiency, and introduce the AMALTHEA eco-system.

Silexica will present new design tools based on state-of-the-art compiler technology and full heterogeneous platform awareness. An AMALTHEA based approach of parallelization and software distribution will be demonstrated that is capable to perform automatic system-level performance estimation.

INCHRON will present a real-time simulation tool for heterogeneous multi-core systems. Based on a multi-sensor advanced driver assistance system modeled with AMALTHEA, two challenges are addressed: optimization of end-to-end latencies, and the impact of heavily loaded interconnects on system performance.