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With another historic year for its circuit simulation products, ProPlus Design Solutions, Inc. is proudly presenting these product updates, along with industry’s leading SPICE modeling and 1/f noise measurement solutions, including a new process platform and model evaluation tool at DAC 2018.
You’re invited to visit ProPlus at Booth #2439 to learn about the exciting updates.
1. Replace FastSPICE with NanoSpice Giga for Accuracy
? The Only Powerful SPICE with Billion Elements Capacity. For Memory & Full Chip Designs.
? Accurate Current, Power & Timing. Highly Scalable for Speed. No FastSPICE Options.
2. Replace SPICE with NanoSpice for Simulation Throughput
? The Fastest SPICE with 50M+ Elements Capacity. For Analog & Mixed-Signal Designs.
? Most Scalable and Economic Parallel SPICE Simulator. Fully Compatible, Plug & Run.
3. Achieve Competitive Designs with Process & Device Insights
? Create Your Own Models with Foundry’s Golden Modeling Tool, BSIMProPlus
? Measure 1/f Noise and Evaluate Process Variations with Industry Golden System, 9812DX
? Evaluate & Get Process & Device Insights to Assist Circuit Designs with ME-Pro
? DFY: Evaluate Process Variations at Circuit Level for PPA & Yield with NanoYieldT

Product Description: IC DFM Tools,IC Implementation,Library Development Tools,Power Analysis,Timing Analysis,Design Libraries,Design Services,Training and Consulting

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