IOT Edges are increasingly becoming intelligent with local closed loop controls. By doing analysis on the data locally, they are also helping in reducing the data to cloud. Bringing new services at edges is also becoming a requirement. Essentially, edges are becoming data centers. Virtualization and Micro service architectures, that are normal in data centers, are being adopted to realize edges too. Though they provide flexibility of distribution of compute, if care is not taken, they can become security hotspots as edges are at lesser secure locations the cloud data centers. Credential stealing from the traffic, memory, local storage, logs is one big concern. Tampering of software (OS/VMM, services images) is another big concern. This presentation details edge architectures, possible security threats and some mitigations using hardware and software security technologies. It discusses usage of hardware security in modern processors to protect certificate private keys/secrets, to detect software tampering. It then provides one example of end-to-end architecture considering multiple edges with central security coordinator.