DAC Pavilion

Hack Me If You Can: Hands-on IoT Hacking

1:30 PM–5:00 PM Jun 27, 2018 (America - Los Angeles)

DAC Pavilion - Booth 2161


System designers often overlook security vulnerabilities in their designs. These vulnerabilities are pervasive and are more pronounced in embedded systems. Embedded systems are more attractive targets of hacking because they are either widely prevalent and low-cost, and thus not necessarily provide high-end security features while handling sensitive information, or they are legacy devices built and installed decades ago without concern about cybersecurity. 
In this session, experts will demonstrate real-world hacks and how they can exploit vulnerabilities in widely-used embedded devices, ranging from fitness trackers to devices used in critical infrastructure. The objective is to create awareness among the attendees on security research and security-enabled system design. They will provide hands-on training, such that the attendees can perform security analyses on similar embedded devices and improve their security.


Schedule of Events

1:30pm: Presentation
2:00pm: Hacking Session 1: Fitness Trackers
3:00pm: Hacking Session 2: PLCs
4:00pm: Hacking Session 3: Switches/Routers and Laser Printers