In this presentation we will hear from Jeanne Trinko-Mechler, GlobalFoundries Engineering Fellow on the challenges in moving to advanced process nodes like 7nm. The overview will feature a discussion of how different applications feature unique sets of design challenges, and results of analysis of PPA “sweet spots” in different technologies. Market segments such as AI/Machine Learning, Automotive, 5G Communications, Consumer, and Networking will be reviewed. Tradeoffs of different VT mixes, layer stacks, and other considerations will be discussed in describing how to tailor the specifics of the technology to meet the design requirements. Technology overview will include specifics of a benchmark comparison of similar ARM processor cores across multiple technology nodes. The review will also feature a Deep Dive into the design process for an AI / Machine Learning chip which featured a custom processor design. Challenging aspects of logical and physical design such as signal and wire resource allocation, logical redundancy, voltage supply, and power profile targets and tradeoffs for optimal PPA will be reviewed.