We propose a Standard Template Library (STL) for synthesizeable SystemVerilog that sharply reduces the time required to design digital circuits. We overview the principles that underly the design of the open source BaseJump STL, including light-weight latency-insensitive interfaces that yield fast microarchitectures and low bug density; thin handshaking rules; fast porting of hardened chip regions across nodes; pervasive parameterization and specialization, and static error checking. We suggest extensions to SystemVerilog that will make it a more functional design language, and show results from the DARPA CRAFT-sponsored 16nm TSMC Celerity SoC with 511 RISC-V cores and 385M transistors. 80% of the modules for the design were instantiated directly from BaseJump STL, reducing verification time, accelerating development, and showing the promise of the approach.