Many experts argue that increased integration of complex high speed digital, analog and RF IP blocks within SOC designs has created new opportunities for electromagnetic (EM) crosstalk that we have traditionally ignored (both inside these complex IP blocks as well as across various blocks). And that the impact of crosstalk can be further exacerbated by the decrease in signal voltage levels driven by lower-power trends in today’s SOC applications. Other experts argue that internally created EM crosstalk is important in analog design but is less of an issue with today’s large mixed signal SOC designs. Furthermore, RC extraction engines are doing a good job of managing this problem, as well as adding margins to tolerate the impact on timing/power is working. This panel of experts will debate the following questions: Is internally created SOC EM crosstalk a real issue today? Is inductance modeling required or not for advanced mixed-signal SOC designs? Can we continue to ignore inductance and rely on adding margins to tolerate the impact on timing, noise, etc.? And at what technology/frequency should we be worried? Do we need a sign-off methodology for EM crosstalk on all future advanced SOCs?