This session will present a set of novel approaches for discovering security vulnerabilities in SoC designs. System-on-a-Chip (SoC) designers use third-party or in-house intellectual property cores to design SOCs. Trustworthiness of such SoCs is undermined by security-critical bugs in IPs or integration. When exploited, a bug may result in a deadlock or failure of the system or create a backdoor allowing the attacker to gain remote access to the system so as to leak secrets from it. The research community has struggled with the problem of developing approaches and computer-aided tools to design trust-worthy SoCs. The talks in this special session will present technical details of SoC security-enhancement techniques that have been evaluated against a common set of industry-provided benchmark designs in the 2018 Hack@DAC security competition. Hack@DAC includes a live one-day hacking competition at the conference where these techniques will be applied in a live-scoring capture-the-flag type event.